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One Day for Another World


Bij Sint-Jacobs (Walter De Buckplein)

20190724 Agenda One Dayfor Another World

Our climate is running wild and we feel it every day. The consequences are not the same for everyone. The poorest people, from the Horn of Africa to the Pacific, pay the price. Millions of people are balancing on the edge of poverty and hunger. The solutions do not come from politicians and companies. To make them aware of their responsibilities, we will hold a mirror up to them in the coming months and demand just solutions.

To reinforce this message, Oxfam is organising 'One Day for Another World' during the Ghent Festivities.

What's on the agenda?

  • 19h00 - Spellbreakers (reggae by the book)
  • 20h30 – HK (festive, yet committed chanson with influences from Algerian shaabi, blues and musette)
  • 22h00 - Bombino (Virtuosic Sahara blues)
  • 23h30 - Yalla! Dabke met Orkidea (dancing hand in hand to Middle Eastern beats)
  • 00h30 – Babylon Trio (3 Iraqi boys set fire to the dance floor)