Atelier Watt is a design agency with a studio. Every day they turn ideas into tangible projects; locally produced with sustainable (recup) materials.

They are available for companies, designers and individuals, so everyone with a great idea is welcome!

In short, they are a Ghent hotspot for creative people who want to turn their idea into reality.

Wattini came to life to give the residual material from the studio a sustainable destination.

Wattini is a little magician. Like his great role model Houdini, he loves the big disappearing trick! Wattini is very good at making residual material disappear from the studio of his owners. Those designers can do something about it! The more they invent and create, the more leftovers!

These leftovers are still of excellent quality. That is why Wattini decided to collect all those leftovers from the studio and to transform them into beautiful and educational toys.

POOF the leftovers were gone, bravo Wattini!


  • Recup & hergebruik
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