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The city of Antwerp is on the focus this week for our info touristic sustainable guide.

Antwerp is a vibrant and diverse city with plenty of activities to do and spots to check out.

One of the mandatory visits as a tourist is the Central station, eclectic and majestic is the heart of the city. In every blog or article on the internet they will recommend you to visit the Groenplaats, the town square and the Vleeshuis. Nevertheless, we know that you can google just as well as we do and, if you are thinking of going to Antwerp, you are probably aware of these spots. This way, we gathered information that may be more difficult to gather in order to offer you an alternative and more eco conscious guide.



Summer in Belgium brings Jazz to every city, and Antwerp is no less. A summer jazz festival is held in August among the trees in Den Brandt park, not far from Middelheim sculpture park. It's the perfect option to enjoy a picnic and play and dance with your kids, your couple, your friends or even strangers! If jazz is not really your thing, or you would prefer to do something else, it is interesting to check the program of Summer of Antwerp, which gathers a variety of activities from June to September!

An exuberant, cultural summer festival in July and August held in the most unexpected places and is felt throughout the city. The program consists of a wide range of very divergent ideas about small, everyday things, often free and accessible to a wide audience of all ages. An extensive collaboration with dozens of cultural and non-cultural partners, the city and hundreds of volunteers ensures that the festival is firmly anchored in the city. The perfect way to view Antwerp through a different lens.

Find out more here.

Photo: Visit Flanders/Jodi Bover

Boat tour


If you like park life, enjoying nature in the middle of the city, you may consider having a picnic in the central park (stadspark).

However, another good option to enjoy your lunch can be the Harbor, enjoying the view of the water and the other side of the city. You may consider taking a boat tour on the river to enjoy one of the biggest harbors in Europe to discover Antwerp from a different perspective!

Photo: Jan Crab/visit.antwerpen.be


But, what about if the weather is not sunny but rainy? No worries, there are still a lot of other activities that you can choose.

To inspire you, we selected the Rubens house, to visit where the painter used to live, see his garden and a collection of his paintings.

Another option is to visit the Plantin-moretus museum.

Walk inside the printing office and house of the Plantin-Moretus family as if you were a friend of theirs visiting 400 years ago.

Another perfect place to visit for book lovers is the Hedrik Conscience library, which gathers a collection of Dutch literature, Flemish cultural heritage and the history of Antwerp.

If you prefer something different, Het steen castle is a good option to discover Antwerp history and enjoy the view from their panoramic terrace.

Photo: Tom Dhaenens/visit.antwerpen.be

Hedrik Conscience library
Rommelmarkt dageraadplaats 2 live in belgium flickr 1 e1497256042615


Lastly, we would like you to discover the fair trade shops in Antwerp like Oxfam wereldwinkels.

You can find all kinds of alimentary products that you can buy to enjoy the nice quality by ensuring a decent livelihood to the farmers and producers in the global south.

Besides, there exist multiple second hand stores and flea markets where you can find almost anything you want!

My personal favorite is the Flea Market Dageraadplaats, some Sundays from May to September. If you have the chance, let yourself go and discover the analog cameras, the 70s decoration and the laid back atmosphere.

Every friday it has been celebrated the vrijdagmarkt, since the 16th century! Let yourself camouflage between the locals and enjoy the authentic flea market spirit!

Photo: theculturetrip.com

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