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Tourist Gent

The first destination we are going to deep in is the city of Gent.
This is not the typical tourist guide, but a series of tips to make your visit more sustainable and make the best out of your summer visit!
In addition to all the tips that we have previously published, we have collected here some suggestions to make your visit a little more sustainable and environmentally conscious.

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Gentse Feesten


To help you with the events and festivals research, the city of Gent organizes diverse and fun events every week and weekend during the summer.

It is almost impossible to know about all the events and different activities going on. However, the most famous of them all is probably the Gentse Feesten, the Gent Festivities, which takes place from the 15th to the 24th of July this year. The whole city celebrates together, with tons of free concerts and lovely spots to party. This is the first time after corona, so be prepared for the Gentenaars’ enthusiasm.

But if you don't like big crowds or you prefer a less crowded celebration, right after the Gentse Feesten there are the Patershol festivities. Come and discover the narrow streets of the medieval neighborhood and dance with the locals! Finally, for the Jazz lovers, the 7th of July starts the international Jazz Festival of Gent for ten days, with great musicians in multiple locations and dates.
Don't forget to buy your tickets!

Photo: Stad Gent


If you are less of a party goer, or you simply don't feel like it, visiting parks may be your way to go. There are beautiful green spots where you can enjoy the view or lay on the grass.

The most known and must see is the Citadelpark, surrounded by old chestnut trees. You can just enjoy your picnic or do whatever you'd like. The Botanical garden of Gent is just by the park and it is worth a visit!
There are also other parks to enjoy, such as Keizerpark.

Nevertheless, if it is a warm summer day, you may want to have a bath in the Blaarmeersen. It is the perfect spot if you are traveling with children.

Photo: visit.gent.be

Botanical garden


Besides, and if you are staying for more than a couple of days, the city of Gent has different and interesting museums for all kinds of tastes, perfect if the day is rainy.

My personal favorite is the SMAK, full of contemporary interesting art, but others such as the design museum or the STAM are also really worth a visit.

To finish this article, we can recommend some restaurants and bars with fair trade, organic and local options.
Since Gent Fair Trade collaborates with many of these, we invite you to check our hotspots by clicking on this link.

Aside, there is also a list of interesting fair trade shops that you may consider!

We hope that you enjoy your visit and don't hesitate to share with us more tips that we may have forgotten!

Photo: visit.gent.be

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