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Summer is here, probably the most promising summer after the last two years. Everybody wants to travel again and enjoy their destination like in the old days. However, now more than ever it is essential to be environmentally conscious with our actions. This way, we elaborated an info guide to inspire you for your holidays in Belgium.

This is for all the travelers that want to visit the country, but also for locals that want to rediscover their homeland from a different perspective. Who knows, maybe you will discover a nice plan for the weekend with your family and friends! First of all, we want to provide a list of obvious and not so obvious general tips for traveling while having as little impact as possible on our planet.

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As it is known, traveling by plane highly contributes to global warming. So, choosing a different transport to arrive at your destination will already mean a lot.

The tricky part is the price, usually picking up the plane would save you up more money than traveling by train. If the trip by land is not exceedingly long, that’s up to you to decide, there exist other cheap options to get to your wished destination.

However, train companies have nice deals for groups or families that are definitely worth it. You can check in shared cars websites for a faster option, and even to meet new people. Another way is by bus. There exist plenty of companies that offer good prices and they arrive almost everywhere in Europe.

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Following the transport topic, take it into account to get around in your destination.

If you can, forget about cars and rent a bike, or just make use of public transport. If you are coming to Belgium, riding a bike will make you feel like a real local, almost every city is prepared for bikes (don’t forget the lights at night!).

There are multiple bike routes to enjoy the nature and urban landscape, you can make a day out of it or even choose to move not only in the city, but around Belgium.

Buses, trams or the subway are also a good option to arrive faster and cheaper, and you can have a drink without any worries!

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Another useful tip is to do some research before your trip. Which events are going on while you visit the place? Which exhibitions or markets? What do the locals do?

This will be really helpful to make the best out of your visit. Integrate in the local life, act like a local! Following the local uses, buy local!
Give yourself permission to explore the local businesses and the local products.
This way you can learn more about the place and enjoy the real version of the typical products.

Most European cities have a commercial street with almost the same shops, so why would you like to buy or eat in the same places you have at home? Getting to know a city also relies on discovering its businesses and restaurants, and also will help you to avoid tourist scams.

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Traditional tourism, visiting the monuments, churches and the museums is sustainable if done with respect.

Learn the history behind it by yourself or book a free tour in a local agency. If the guide is local you will discover the place on a deeper level and you will learn more and better about it. Visit the museums of your interest to plunge into the cultural local life.

When booking the hotel, hostel or camping, try to do it through their own websites or by phone. Without intermediaries you may even save some money not only for you, but for the owners.

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Lastly, pack wisely.
Less weight means less fuel and less space. Limit the plastic waste you bring from home or the one that you may need for your daily needs.

Sustainability is also in everyday decisions, trying to take that into account can make a big difference.

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