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ELISA LEE consciously chooses to keep production entirely in Belgium. This is obvious to us, but it certainly doesn't make it any easier. Every piece of jewelery is made in our workshop, even our partners are locals from East and West Flanders. This conscious choice to work ethically also has the advantage that we can respond flexibly and quickly to orders and repairs. ELISA LEE has the Handmade in Belgium (HIB) label, which recognizes authentic and traditional quality products. Local production contributes to a fair and qualitative way of production.


ELISA LEE only uses the purest materials: solid Sterling silver, gold, glass and diamonds. We only work with suppliers who practice fair gold mining. Our suppliers are therefore certified by FLO-CERT, FAIRMINED and are subject to the strict criteria of the Responsible Jewelery Council. Thanks to these labels, we can guarantee that our gold comes from mines where the environment, safety and good working conditions are central and where no child labor takes place. Our diamonds also come from conflict-free areas.

In addition, we deal with the high-quality materials in an ecological way, so that no surpluses are created. Elisa Lee works to reduce stock where possible. Finally, the color changes also contribute to the durability of our unique designs. The raw material for the glass pearls that Elisabeth makes comes from a small-scale family business in Italy. Each (coloured) glass element can also be replaced over time, so that the customer has an original, traditional and at the same time timeless jewel. These color changes contribute to the durability of these unique designs.


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