Designer Cleome Clements of the sustainable fashion brand King Comf addresses the issue of excess fabric waste in traditional fashion production. For the comfy clothing collection, unique leftover fabrics from ateliers in Portugal and France are utilized, while the distinctive shoe collection is crafted from stock leather and leftovers from other brands productions.

Eclectic Pieces with a Unique Touch
King Comf designs based on available materials rather than trends, resulting in timeless pieces made from extraordinary finds in ateliers and textile stocks. The items feature surprising eclectic prints and colours, standing out from mainstream trends. Cleome aims to create clothing that makes people feel good about what they wear, emphasizing uniqueness and timelessness of each piece.

Recuperation and Sustainablility
By working with leftover materials, Cleome adds value to what would otherwise be discarded. She prioritizes recuperation as a core value of the brand, ensuring minimal waste in her designs. Additionally, she incorporates preloved items into her personal life, promoting sustainability beyond her business.

Made in Portugal
Maintaining close ties with the ateliers in Portugal, Cleome personally sources materials for King Comf clothing and shoes. “It was during my work as a designer for major fashion labels that I discovered the treasures that often get lost” she explains. “We’re talking about warehouses brimming with timeless fabrics too beautiful to discard. I give them a second life."

Positive Impact on Ateliers
King Comf’s approach has a positive impact on the workshops she collaborates with, providing a steady workflow throughout the year instead of seasonal rushes typical in the fashion industry.

Comfort for All
True to its name, comfort is a paramount in King Comf’s designs. The kimono-style pieces can be worn as robes, dresses or jackets, while the sneaker collection features special design features catering to those seeking both style and comfort, including provision for orthopedic insoles and extra room for foot comfort.


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