Studio AMA

Studio AMA is a breeding ground for an alternative model within the fashion industry.

Within all parts of the process, it is examined how this can be done sustainably and ethically. The fabrics are residual materials from the local textile industry. The clothing is a collaboration with social tailoring companies. The designs have been adapted to the specifications of the material on the one hand and the capacities of the workshops on the other. For optimum transparency, sales are made in a short chain: direct.

In addition to ready-made clothing, AMA also offers workshops to focus on sustainable use of clothing. Tailored to the target group, knowledge and skills are offered for repair and adjustment work. The Good Dressed Facebook group is an initiative of Studio AMA to inspire, motivate and inform people to use their wardrobe more sustainably.


  • Afvalarm
  • Fair
  • Lokaal
  • Recup & hergebruik
  • Slow Fashion
  • Sociale Tewerkstelling
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Brugsesteenweg 267, 9000 Gent

Visits by appointment (see agenda on website)


Hoe fair is fair trade?