Studio WOUW

The WOUW collection is a naturally dye vintage/pre-loved/pré-aimé textiles.

We pre-treat textiles so you can experience the magic and beauty of natural dyeing yourself, through workshops and DIY kits.

We are located in the Muide, the north of Ghent close to the port, where a lot of weld (wouw in dutch) can be found in the wild. This is also where our name 'studio WOUW' is derived from. Since we source our fabrics through local second hand markets and vintage shops we work very locally and in our opinion fair (most of them operate in a social context i.e. de Kringwinkel).

Next to this we extend the life of the fabrics through natural dyeing which we consider to be sustainable since we give new life and meaning to discarded textiles. In this process we have a strong focus on minimizing our environmental impact by using rainwater and re-using the plant-dye material in different ways.


  • Afvalarm
  • Biologisch
  • Fair
  • Lokaal
  • Recup & hergebruik
  • Slow Fashion



Hoe fair is fair trade?