Komaf Koffie

Komaf Koffie - Coffee without a filter

Komaf Koffie serves coffee with or without milk or sugar, but always with a chat and a smile. Our professional baristas are entrants who like to show their coffee skills near you or hired by you.

Komaf Koffie tekening

Our dream = a mobile coffee cart where ...

... people come together to have a chat.

... opportunities are created for people who need them.

... top coffee is served, wich is made with respect for people and the environment.

How do we make that dream a reality?

The mobile Komaf Koffie cart will be present in as many places in Ghent as possible, to inject it with our positive atmosphere. We work with people who have a refugee or migration background. We want to offer them a training as a professional barista, pay them a full salary and personally guide and support them in their professional ambitions (also apart from the project).

At Komaf Koffie you drink delicious, Fairtrade coffee. Because that's ultimately the best guarantee to obtain high-quality coffee, for which everyone who contributed also received a fair wage.

Where are we today?

Today (autumn 2021) we have already taken a number of steps to turn this dream into reality.

  • About 25 people with a refugee or migration history are involved in the project. Some of them started their first barista training at the end of September.
  • A trial version of the coffee cart was built and launched on October 10. With this trial version, we will be in Ghent for a little over a month. Afterwards we can look at what can be improved (both in the material and in the internal organization).
  • We found a nice group of partners* who are willing to support the project financially. Thanks to them, we were able to build the physical cart.

What else do we need?

  • We want to guarantee a fair wage at all times for the baristas who are active in the project. For that reason, we will set up a crowdfunding to provide the first wages of the baristas, during the try-out period.
  • For your information: We also provide an income for the baristas during the training, so that everyone has the opportunity to participate in the project. In addition, all proceeds from this project will remain within the project: they go either to wages or to improving the cart. If the project allows, we will scale this up, in Ghent and to other cities.
  • We are still looking for people who want to support and expand this project (on a voluntary basis): this can involve financial follow-up, coaching new baristas, technical support, making promotion...
  • Finally, we are looking for locations where the Komaf Coffee cart can be placed: events, business areas, places where many people pass...

Do you want to put your shoulders under this project? Then don't hesitate to email: Komaf Koffie@oww.be

Where can you find the coffee cart?

You can find Komaf Koffie at the following locations:

  • ...

Are you a fan of this project? Then follow us on Instagram and Facebook. There you can always find where we are that day.


Komaf Koffie is an initiative of Oxfam Wereldwinkels, with the support of the following organizations:
Belgian development cooperation, Enchanté, Ghent Fair Trade, IN Ghent, Oxfam Fair Trade, Refu Interim, City of Ghent, Trade Development Center, Ugent Fair Trade, Ghent University.

Komaf Koffie was launched during the Fair Trade Week (on October 10), an initiative of the Belgian development cooperation.