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The next stop is the fairytale city of Bruges. There are way more to discover in the city than the typical touristic activities, even though all of them deserve a visit. The market square, the belfry tower and cloth hall, the fish market, all of those places are a must.

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However, if you are planning to stay in Bruges a little longer, there are plenty of cultural activities to enjoy in family, with friends or whoever you want to share the experience with. The Klinkende Kroegen is the name that receives an initiative that brings three free concerts on wednesdays in different pubs of the city center from 7pm to midnight.

You can check the programme here.

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Flea market


If you love flea markets, the Zandfeesten offers a unique open air market on the 3rd of Juli, the 7th of August and the 25th of September! From dusk till dawn!

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When the weather is good, everybody wants to refresh and enjoy the sun. If that's the case, you can always go swimming in the Coupure, directly in Bruges’ canals every afternoon from 1pm to 8 pm. If the weather is not good enough you can always find a museum of your preference, like the Groeninge museum that provides a perspective of Belgian visual art.

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If you come by train, the first park you encounter is the emblematic Minnewater park. It is a beautiful park to walk around or to get to other zones of the city.

Another park worth visiting is Koningin Astridpark, an example of urban open space. The park has been there for centuries and it is one of the favorite spots for locals and tourists to rest under the trees on a sunny day. Lastly, the Koning Albert I Park is the perfect place to walk along the water or to have a picnic, it is full of ducks, but also big trees and monuments.

Getting a boat tour around Bruges is also possible, but if you are feeling adventurous I would go to rent a canopy and discover the city by its canals.

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Minnewater park


Besides, there are a lot of fair trade options if you are looking to eat in Brugge.

By recommendation of the fair trade organization of the city, if you feel like having a traditional belgian beer, a good option is t’Poatersgat in Vlamingstraat 82. The bar is ubicated in a cellar that dates from the year 1500, it brings the atmosphere. If you don't know what to drink, feel free to ask the waiters. They will advise you and explain to you about the brewing process!

If you are looking for a vegetarian option De Bron eethuis is the place to go. They only work with reservation, but it is an affordable option. They are known for serving very diverse daily specials with fresh ingredients. You can find it in Kateleijnstraat 82.

Do you want to visit a Brewery? Then you should go to Brouwerij De Halve Maan. The place is a whole experience, you can do a tour, get a beer or even have a traditional belgian meal. Or you can do it all! They have been active since 1850 and they produce a very famous belgian beer, Brugse Zot!

You can find more information about where to find more fair trade restaurants, shopping and more here!

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