Fair tourism in Belgium: nature and countryside

Nature and countryside

Nature belgium

Summer is coming to an end and so are our suggestions for your fair summer. Today we are talking about nature and the Belgian countryside!

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The castle of Veves


Feeling like going for a hike? There are a lot of options depending on how long or how much you feel like walking. However, the most emblematic natural park to visit is probably La tombeu du Géant. The legend says that a giant called Treverus threw himself into the void of the rock of the Gattes” because he preferred to die than to be a prisoner of the Romans and fight in the Colosseum. Nearby, you can find La Bichetour, one of the seven “Ardenne forest” that belonged to the aristocrat Godefroid de Bouillon. At the bottom is the Rivage mill, once operated by the “Grand Ruisseau”. Another beautiful landscape you might want to visit is The castle of Veves, between the cities of Celles and Dinant, listed as an exceptional monument, one of the most remarkable examples of 15th century military architecture. It is possible to visit it inside, but just walking around is already worth it. Besides, the trekking route to arrive at the Bois du Hat is sloppy but the walk through the forest to the top will bring you to the view of the Rochers du Hat. As you get closer to the rock, the landscape opens up and you get an exceptional view of the Semois Valley. The Walzin castle, château Walzin, is one of the most beautiful castles in Wallonia. During the summer you can enjoy the green nature,as well as you can rent a kayak to go down the river Lesse. There are plenty more nature parks and trekking routes, but to finish this list we recommend a hike on the Furfooz nature park. With forests, meadows and even prehistoric caves, the park is full of monuments and archeological rests that won't leave you indifferent.

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There also are a lot of lakes to go for a swim or enjoy a picnic in summer. One of the most known is the Wesertalsperre, it offers leisure activities like educational forest trails or a climbing wall. It is an ideal destination for families with children or adventurers. Barrage de la Gileppe is a big hydraulic dam, and even though that may not sound appealing, there is a big tower where you can enjoy the panoramic view and visit the monument of the lion, as well as having dinner on the top of it! The Lac de Robertville, near Liege, offers a route of 8.5 km and some swimming areas. Lastly, the Lac sept fontaines is another beautiful lake to walk around, enjoy the weather and nature.

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Lac de robertville
Festival wallonia


Finally, we can recommend two tours that you may enjoy.
A beer tour around the different breweries in the region is perfect for the beer lovers.
Another option is doing a tour around the different legends that the zone gathers for centuries.

From the 14 of June to the 16 of October Les festivals de Wallonie take place. This festival was created by the union of different summer festivals organized by different Wallonian cities. These days, the event gathers around 150 different concerts, focusing each year on a specific theme, being this year the craziness and bad press that some artists get. This classical music festival is not only for those who are used to the genre, but also to everyone who is willing to listen.

Most of the different villages spread around Wallonia count with a variety of markets, from the flea market of Welkenraedt to a hun farmers market in Tintigny. If you are interested in finding treasures surrounded by people outdoors, I recommend you make a quick search on the internet. I'm sure you will find the best market to visit during your vacation!

However, remember that you can find an Oxfam magasins du monde all around Wallonie, to buy your souvenirs and the best fair trade products!

Photo: visitwallonia.be

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