MIEKE is exclusive and unique fashion for women who like to color outside the lines. Mieke's keywords are unique, exclusive, deluxe and worldwide. MIEKE does not do mass production, but craftsmanship, precision and finish.

Fragment from the Ghent Inspiration Guide for Fashionable Alternatives

Fashion-conscious Gentenaars are indispensable to Mieke, a trendy shop in the Burgstraat. Mieke De Winter herself took a little longer to find the way to fair fashion. Three quarters of the products in her store now consist of fair trade. “Are you kidding or am I?” Photographer and partner in crime Thierry van Dort (also known as Meneer Mieke) jokes that all this has grown very organically. Nine years ago, at the very beginning, Mieke didn't pay any attention

to fair trade, but that changed about five years ago. “My brands really educated me,” says MIEKE.

MIEKE is not blind to labels, but thanks to their tips she knows exactly where she wants to go with her store and what requirements each new brand must meet. “It is quite a sandwich, learning everything there is to learn about textiles. I think the social aspect is especially important. Studio Jux is a good example of this: they really tell a beautiful story.” MIEKE cannot be found for fast fashion. “I think that's just dirty. Of course, clothing is an utensil, but it is reduced to something that you throw away.” Since Fair Fashion Fest, Thierry has noticed that something has changed: “There is much more demand for the sustainability factor.” MIEKE, a big fan of Fashion Revolution, agrees, although this is just the beginning for her. “Now you have the awareness. The real turnaround will come if consumers keep asking questions.”


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Burgstraat 87, 9000 Gent


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