At Supergoods you will discover how beautiful fair and eco clothing can be. In addition to clothing, they also offer gifts and care products.

Olga, the manager, is a designer by training and worked for a long time as a designer and saleswoman. Before that, she visited factories and mainly saw what not to do. I didn't support the industry. And if you don't agree with something, then I think you should look for something else." So in 2016 Olga opened a branch of the fair and eco store concept Supergoods in Ghent. “Actually, I mainly want to inspire people. They show that fair and ecological doesn't have to be stale and it doesn't have to be terribly expensive either. Supergoods makes fair fashion accessible and also offers cosmetics and lifestyle items.”

Photos: Foto's: Sarah Van Looy


  • Biologisch
  • Fair
  • Slow Fashion
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Brabantdam 56B, Gent


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