Some ideas for your sustainable gifts!

We are again in holiday season, it is this key moment when small choices can really mean a lot to the planet. As consumers, there are plenty of decisions that can help us align our celebrations to an ecological and sustainable ethic. One in five Belgians affirm that they receive a present they don’t really want every christmas. For these reasons, it is important to think carefully about what we are going to give. In order to help you through this journey, we thought about some sustainable and original presents for all kinds of necessities, ages and tastes. The aim of this article is not promoting brands, but showing that there is an alternative way of giving gifts with a minor impact on our environment.

If you already have all your gifts and want to know a little bit more about how to lower the waste during the Christmas gatherings, we wrote this article to help you.

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Ten sustainable gift ideas that your beloved ones will love!

  1. Give your favourite plant in a nice pot for Christmas. You can also give a seed package with your favourite flowers, or any other kind of plant. If you have the time and the energy, you can even create a small guide on how to plant and grow the seeds. Small drawings, or pictures will always add some value!
  2. Give silicone or metallic straws. Some kind of drinks like many cocktails, don’t taste the same without a straw. With this alternative, the person will be able to enjoy their drinks without any waste!
  3. If you have the time and energy, there is nothing like a handmade gift. You can get creative and upcycle your clothes to make them into a tote-bag or anything else. You don’t even need to be handy, remember you can always use glue instead of sewing!
  4. Buy two museum passes for you and your beloved one. There are museums for any kind of person in Ghent, find their favourite theme and organize together a day to visit it. If museums are not your jam, think about any other outdoor activity to share with that person!
  5. Another good idea are sustainable tools or kitchen items. There are a lot of variety like bee waxed wrappers or reusable zip bags and containers.
  6. Buying an online subscription to any kind of platform, from audiobook platforms to independent movies site. You can even give as a gift an online course for that they always wanted to learn. Just think about what they would enjoy the most !
  7. A good book of their interest it is always also a good option. There are plenty of second hand stores where you can find all kind of different good tittles.
  8. Adopt, dedicate or plant a tree. If you don’t know where to start by yourself, there are a bunch of different websites that offer this with a reasonable price.
  9. For that person who is looking for a new hobby or that you simply know they would like to, a nice idea is to give a set of needles and their favourite colours in a wool yarn. Crochet is fashionable, warm and if they like it maybe you can get a nice scarf from your beloved.
  10. Anything related to personal care can be also found in its sustainable version. You can make yourself a nice set with a bamboo toothbrush, reusable cottons to remove make-up, natural skin care, a menstrual cup or washable menstrual panties. There are a lot of options and you will make sure that they will use it!

If none of these ideas sound good enough to you, just remember that you can define by yourself a nice sustainable gift. The most important thing is to always take into account if the present is practical or if its going to be really used. Nobody wants to receive a gift that is going to be full of dust in a few days. Pay attention to the materials, whether if they are biodegradable or not, or get enough information about the production process and the people involved in it. Be thoughtful and use some recycled wrapping or create it yourself. Don’t leave everything for the last minute and if you hesitate about your present, ask them! Giving a nice present and enjoying the holidays with your loved ones doesn’t need to be harmful for the planet or anyone. Remember that the most important thing is to gather together and enjoy ourselves!

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