The VIERNULVIER Café is an iconic eating and talking café. You can go there on blessing for seven days. All their dishes are made with fair trade, organic and artisanal products. They work closely with Oxfam.

To put this into practice, they cook in the kitchen with LEF:

ocal: products where the distance between farmer and plate is kept as short as possible
cological: a sustainable relationship with the environment
air trade: a fair price for everyone in the food chain

VIERNULVIER uses as many full-fledged, fresh and organic products as possible that are subject to as few industrial processes as possible.
And in the café you will find a very wide range of ecological and fair trade drinks: from coffee to Oxfam Worldshake to their own Triomf beer.


  • Fair
  • Lokaal
  • Vegetarisch
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Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23, 9000 Gent


  • Ma: 11:00–01:00
  • Di: 11:00–01:00
  • Woe: 11:00–01:00
  • Do: 11:00–02:00
  • Vrij: 11:00–02:00
  • Zat: 11:00–02:00
  • Zon: Gesloten


Hoe fair is fair trade?